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Welcome to my website! I am Lickety and I love Virtual Reality! I use Virtual Reality with my
Valve Index and my HTC Vive Trackers. They are so cool! If you ever had a dream to escape reality
Virtual Reality is the way to do so! I hang out with a lot of VRChatterZ on the regular. They are cool!

Me as an Arflin in VRChat!!!

(My friend helped me make this cool edit, thank you Apois!)

Cool friends!!!
Apois This is Apois! They are a 2D and 3D artist. Apois makes funny sounds sometimes that make me laugh. They made their own avatar! That is so cool!
Kinrii This is Kinrii. Kinrii made his avatar super awesome by doing a lot of edits. One of his arms is a robot arm! He is purple!
Kio Kio is so cool! She made a nice group to hang out with and we have a fun time. I made a lot of cool friends because of her! They are heartfelt and passionate.
Panda This is Panda! He got a fat ass. He is cool and you will like the sound of his voice! He is always down to talk things and one time he suggested I get a bacon press and I use it to this day.
Blank This is Blank. They are fun to hang with and talk to! They are always very small avatar. But they have a big heart! One time they took people's' backpacks and turned them inside out and called it nuggeting. I never forget this!

You can add me in VRChat if you did not already. I am friendly!
Username: LicketyVR

I have to be very quiet when I ERP because
I don't want my mom to hear me!

VRChatterZ are cool

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